RCT Secret Shop USA - Scam artist


this is a company calling themselves rct secret shop usa.they use the web site secret shop-usa.com.

this is a scam company and I did not do enough research into them. do not do anything but tear up the paper they sent you. They usa the name Timothy Winters or Daisy Roberts using the address p.o. box 230 Wayland mi.

49349 I thought I researched them well enough but I did not and they got me for 2982 dollars and no cents.So I need to warn all about their scam and how they approach you through the mail

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I fell for it.Now im screwed.

I've always been able to see the BS and avoid it.

Down on my luck and not thinkin straight topped with too little research led me to figuring this out the hard way.:(


has anyone tried to cash the check at a check cashing place ? scam them since they are trying to scam us or has anyone tried to get them exposed in the news

Spring, Texas, United States #748813

I just received a similar letter/check from Blackhole Secret Shop USA, P.O.Box 515, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

The Account Managers are Daisy Roberts and Timothy Winters wanting me to transfer the check to a Tobby Ann Lewis from Stockhalm, Sweden. RIP IT UP!!! SCAM!



I just got the same letter/check from these guys, only they were calling themselves "JK Jordan Secret Shop" and the address went back to a p.o.box in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The name I was supposed to wire money to is "Harold Ward", in the city of Stalkhalm (sic), Sweden.

To the comment asking what if you cash the check; the check is bad, and eventually the banks will figure that out and issue a chargeback, holding you responsible for the money plus bad check fees.

There can be legal and bad credit reprecussions involved on your end as well.It's bad news, and you will *not* end up ahead.

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #714522

I just received a letter from these same two people but it has the heading of Amino Trans Secret Shop USA LTD. After talking to the man, I was not sure about this so I wanted to do some research first and very glad I did.

Plano, Texas, United States #704882

What if you just cash the check are you conning a ***

to Jane Geneseo, New York, United States #706245

That's what I'd like to find out too...........

Chicago, Illinois, United States #701610

I just received this letter with a check to cash and my first assignment was to go to a Western Union and use the money doing a transfer.Well, I thought I would do some research and glad I did.

It sounded so easy and the Western Union part was a red flag.

So, I would rip it up and even call the Better Business Bureau.They went by Triple Crown Secret Shop USA LTD.

Champlin, Minnesota, United States #701493

We got a letter from the same people, but now they are under the name TEXTRON SECRET SHOP USA LTD. PEOPLE BEWARE! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

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